Elements of Beard Grooming 101: Beard Oil and How to use it

The Bearded Goon's How to use beard oil

What is Beard Oil?

To begin with, many beard owners are unaware of the many benefits of using a quality beard oil in their daily regimen.

A quality beard oil is defined as a beard oil designed to perform two functions; the first is to lubricate the comb and allow it to glide through the beard without knotting, the second task a quality beard oil performs is to protect and nourish the beard hair as well as the skin on your face.

Much of the reason men don’t grow their beards out is because beards can become wiry and rough when they get long.  Unchecked, a wiry beard can cause large problems, becoming knotted, unsightly, and unprofessional eventually forcing the once proud beard owner to either shave his face or deal with the ridicule that comes with sporting an unkempt beard.

Here at The Bearded Goon, we design our beard oils specifically with the goal of improving our customers beards using only oils with a track record of helping hair growth.

While there is a tendency for many different scents of beard oil, we try to stay away from too much of an emphasis on essential oils in our products mainly because many men wear both deodorant and cologne or aftershave and we don't want the scents to clash so our oils use only tea tree oil for the scent which also provide an antibacterial and antifungal solution for your hair.  It encourages hair growth by helping to unclog hair follicles and nourish the roots as well as fighting dandruff and itching by effectively moisturizing the hair in addition to blocking oily buildup that can prevent hair growth.

How to use Beard Oil:

With a damp beard, apply 3-5 drops onto your palm, then rub you palms together to evenly coat your hands.

Next, run your hands throughout your beard, making sure to massage the oil deep into your beard.  

Take care to start light as the object is to get a nice light coat, not to drench your face in oil.

Once you've massaged the oil into your beard, use a quality comb to carefully comb your beard.

You will notice that your beard becomes much fuller and softer with just a single application of beard oil.

Over time, your beard will begin to grow in the same direction and stay soft and full The Bearded Goon's Beard Oillonger. 

For all your beard oil needs, check out The Bearded Goon's Beard Conditioning Oil.

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