Elements of Beard Grooming 101: What is beard wash and how to use it?

Keeping your beard clean is HARD!

Wing night is a disaster, pasta night is ridiculous and don't even get me started about trying to eat bagels with cream cheese.  

We've all been there, you can only wipe your beard so much.

After a while, your beard gets greasy and nasty and you have to wash it.

But what do you wash it with?

A common mistake most men make is when it comes to washing their beard as they assume they can use their normal shampoo to actually wash their facial hair.

Seems like it would work right?

Unfortunately nobody bothers to tell us when we start growing a beard that though our beard hairs may seem tough, they are far more fragile than the hair that grows out of your head!

The reason for this is that the skin on your head is far tougher and can take a little more punishment than your face.

Commercial shampoos contain several chemicals that don’t react too well with your face. The first and nastiest of which being acetyl alcohol, a sterilizing agent used in shampoos that can easily dry out your face, causing you to breakout and your beard to become itchy and miserable.

Many hair shampoos also contain sodium lauryl sulfate, an additive in many personal cleaning products that foams to give the illusion that your product is cleaning.  And who doesn’t like a nice, lathery foam when they’re washing their hair right?  The difficulty is that sodium lauryl sulfate also dries out your skin and some men’s skin is very sensitive to these additives.  

Who wants to wash their beard in the morning only to get a nice red rash on their face by the time they get to work?

Not cool.

That is why we came up with The Bearded Goon’s Daily Beard Wash.  

It took us almost a year to get this product right.  

(We had no idea how difficult it is to manufacture a shampoo from the ground up which is probably why very few other beard companies have actually tried to.)

But we digress

First, we made a shampoo with NO AMMONIUM SULFATE, (that’s a code word for ammonia and yeah, that’s in literally every shampoo) but we refused to do that.

We put NO SODIUM LAURYL SULFATE in our shampoo either, (That’s the stuff that makes your shampoo at home sud) but our stuff still suds WAYYYY BETTER too!  

Oh yeah, it’s HELLA lathery

Specifically designed to keep the moisture and healthy oils in your beard, Our beard shampoo will not dry your beard out, in fact, quite the opposite.  We designed our beard wash to improve the shine of your beard, make it soft and also make it smell AMAZING!

Imagine a beard shampoo, conditioner and a beard oil, all it one.  

You’re welcome.

Also no sticky residue. Who wants a sticky beard?

Our beard wash is lightweight, so it won’t weight your beard down, keeping it full without that greasy look or feel.

Your beard will feel cleaner, smoother and softer within the first time you use it.

We guarantee that.  

On top of this, we created this magical modern wizardry WITHOUT

Testing on animals

Using Animal products AT ALL

And being natural as hell to boot.

Made by Beards for Beards!

Plus right now, if you use the code BEARDWASH, you can save 20%. <(incredibly shameless plug)


Ok BG, you just rammed that sale down our throats, how the hell do we use beard wash and when should we use it?

So glad you asked my bearded brothers!

Using beard wash is much the same as using a regular shampoo for your head.

Whether you're in the shower, the tub or the jungles of Chiang Mai with your very own elephant to hose you down, you need to begin with your beard wet.

Sopping wet.

Take your beard wash and use a quarter size portion of it and massage that goodness into your beard, 

Really rub it in there!

Just like you massage your scalp when you shampoo your head, massage your face and get to the root of your beard, getting all those particles from Corbin Johns Wild West Chicken Shack or that spicy senorita who perhaps enjoyed a little too much of your company last night (Hey I'm not judging!)

When you've lathered your beard in the heavenly scent of your beard wash, rinse it out.

Add a little beard oil  

and comb it out.  

It's just that simple.

Now enjoy the silky smoothness of epic greatness and rejoice in your newly minted cleanliness! 

Until next time, BEARD ON


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