Who is The Bearded Goon

He doesn't give a damn about vegans or playing it safe.  He's not the most interesting man you've ever met but he once knocked a man out in the ring.

He'd rather be boxing than on a conference call, rather be drinking than talking politics.

If you call him, he probably won't answer because it's not important.

He pines for the days of his WW2 vet grandfather Steve when men were men and sought greater purpose than spreadsheets or spending their sundays shopping for the perfect chinos. A time when men romanced their wives instead of whining about how "unsupportive" they were.

A time when people minded their own business and let others pursue their own happiness.

A time when being tough wasn't called "toxic".

A time where kids were able to skin their knees, cry to their moms and nobody got sued. 

A time when being a "man" meant being made of stronger stuff.