The Infamous F.A.Q.'s Page

Why don't you ship to Canada anymore?

We love Canada but we recently ended our shipping program to Canada as we have lost too many orders through the Canadian Post.  The United States Post Office has also raised the prices to ship to Canada and it is no longer viable to do so.  We are currently working on sourcing a new way to ship to Canada but until then, we only ship to the continental US.


I need to grow a beard fast, what should I do?

Squeeze really hard,
If that doesn't work, make sure you read our free ebook "The Bearded Goon's Guide to Epic Bearding" that you receive automatically when you sign up for our mailing list.

When will I get my stuff?

Beard Balm ships via USPS First Class mail at least Monday-Friday and will take a few days to get to you from Pennsylvania. Orders placed by 3pm M-F and 10am Saturday will go out the same day.

Growing a beard takes patience and the right beard products, we’ll rush so you don’t have to!

So I just put a bit on after a shower?
Yup, a little bit goes a long way. You can put it on at other times too! Play around with it!

Do you have a guarantee?


Well, what is it?

Simply put, we love our products and we use them everyday and we want you to love them too. However, we are aware that sometimes there are beards out there that cannot be tamed.  This vexes us greatly.  But we guarantee this; if you don't like our stuff, email us and you will not pay for them.  Simple as that.  We don't believe in ripping people off and we won't do that. EVER! 

Why can't I find your products in stores?

As of right now, we are working on that but only with stores that share our vision.  We will not deal with distributors who do not put their customers first. Everyone on The Bearded Goon's team has been ripped off before and that feels pretty crappy.  We won't do that to you.