The Bearded Goon's Mission

The concept of the bearded goon represents an idea.  

A celebration of all that is Man.

We are born with the world at our fingertips but somewhere along the line, we change.

We allow all the things that we think are important to cloud our judgement over what really is important.

Man was not meant to work jobs he hated to buy things he doesn't need to impress people he will never meet.

Our grandfathers and great grandfathers stormed the beaches of Normandy, fought for freedom, sacrificed and lived.

They didn't listen to those who told them they couldn't do it.

They just went out and tried.  

In short, they were ridiculous.

And they triumphed, either in failure or success.  

But no one can say they didn't try.

Now, we as men shy away from everything.  We don't start that company, we don't pursue that attractive person in the bar.  We accept our fate and we die unfulfilled lives.

But there is another way.  

Be the man you see when you look in the mirror.

Don't shy away from adversity.

Embrace it, and be ridiculous!